Hunting Whips handcrafted by David Thorne

David Thorne started making hunting whips in 1987 and is entirely self-taught.

He crafts a wide range of hunting whips, suitable for all hunting requirements.

Hunting Whips fodder with David Thorne

David on one of his trips to the Scottish Highlands to buy antlers for making hunting whips, seen here with a few of the stags on one of the estates he likes to visit

The ash hunting & kennel whips are handcrafted from trees grown locally for this purpose.

Traditional hunting whips have antler handles of high quality, sourced from native red deer within the UK. All have leather-covered shafts, with a choice of either, silver or nickel collars, which can easily be personally engraved.

Hunt servants whips have a white nylon braiding on the shafts, which are made of fibreglass for added strength. David also makes wooden hunting horns crafted from walnut or yew, which have been known to win horn blowing competitions.
David also provides a swift efficient repair service on old whips.